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TOR dying

My TOR server ( crashed at some point yesterday.  It had
been running fine for a few days so I don't think too much of it
untill I came in this morning and found it dead again.

The relevent log section seems to be the second of these (others given
for context):

Apr 15 08:47:14.853 [warn] rend_mid_rendezvous(): Rejecting RENDEZVOUS1 cell wit
h unrecognized rendezvous cookie 38D49D1D
Apr 15 09:12:44.957 [err] do_main_loop(): libevent poll failed: Invalid argument
Apr 15 09:31:01.705 [notice] Tor opening log file.

I'm running Debian "unstable" with TOR from the noreply.org
experimental repository (