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Re: Publishing node IPs

alexyz@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I understand the need to keep a list in a central server for initial
> connections. But why make this list public by publishing the IPs in a
> webpage?

Tor uses (a subset of) HTTP for transport when grabbing the directory. 
If it used some other protocol, the directory would still have to be 

> Isn't it ambiguous that an anonymous network is identifying itself? By
> making the node IPs public, there is an implicit message saying "hey
> everyone afraid of me, here is how to block me".

Being anonymous and hiding the fact that you are being anonymous are two 
different problems, two different threats. For Tor to solve both would 
be great. The developers have wisely decided to tackle only one very 
hard problem at a time. :)

Let us know if you have any ideas about how to solve the latter problem.


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