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RE: both my servers crashed

> >That said, it's obvious that Win98 is far from an ideal platform for a
> >Tor server (or any server). After about 8-12 hours of running Tor, from
> >the sluggish response of the OS you notice that it has come close to its
> >limits. Time to exit Tor or reboot.
> I have had a similar problem with XP but have never been able to pin it
> down.  It seems that when tor is having trouble making a connection it bogs
> down or stops all the other processes.  The resources seem to be fine when
> it happens though when I can manage to get the task manager open.  I haven't
> tried 1.03 yet.  Maybe you can help in the windows trouble shooting dept.
> Not many around here run windows and I don't have sufficient knowledge.
> Joel Rapin

I did have a problem regarding the TCP/IP stack limit that WinXP SP2 imposes. When the limit
was reached, new connections were slow and it became dificult browsing. I solved it by
gradually increasing the limit until at 200 there was no more problems (the default is 10). It´s
worth investigating if this is at least part of your problem. It´s very easy to do that, just go to E
Event Viewer and see if you are getting 4226 event warnings.