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RE: both my servers crashed

> Alas this could be the trouble or like you say part of it.  I also
> listed some other events that stood out.  I will look into how to
> change the TCP/IP connects and try it out.  I can see where that would
> pose a real problem.  Thanks a lot.

If you are using SP1 it is configurable in the registry (don´t know where). If you use SP2 you
can only change it with a patch to the tcpip.sys file. Get it here:

This patch will show you the current limit and allow you to change it to whatever you want. It
even creates a backup of the tcpip.sys file if you want to switch back (just run it again). You
should know this patch is unofficial but I had no problems or side effects (10 days in the running
now). I also have other servers running besides Tor and all is happily chugging along. I started
getting 7023 errors but those were related to shuting down (which I had to do frequently to fine
tune the limit) and eventually did not appear again.