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Tor and Stunnel?


I want to setup Stunnel so it routs thourgh Tor; specificly I want to
access a.a.m NG via. NNTPS (563)using:

QuickSilver > Stunnel > Tor > Usnet.

I have QS routing into Stunnel fine.

I tryed to rout Stunnel into Tor via. both FreeCap and SocksCap (Socks 
5; remote name DNSookup) without luck.  I know Tor requires socks 4a; I 
just don't know of a socksifying (like FreeCap) program which offers 
socks 4a.

When I rout Stunnel into Tor (using socks 5 w/remote DNSlookup); Tor gives me an error message stating that I need to use Socks 4a and that only the IP was availbe to Tor; not the DNS lookup.

Does anyone know how to rout Stunnel into Tor?

Or better yet, does anyone know how to rout QS > Stunnel > Tor together for Usent and/or Email?

Does anyone know of a windows socks prog (like FreeCap) that offers socks 4a?


After I get NNTPS figured out I am going to try and use SMTP via.  QS > Stunnel > Tor > Email.

But, I read Panta Admin's JBN wiki and he said if you use SMTP and Tor your Host can be leaked.  Panta's fix is to post/dl to on-topic security NGs through his Hidden service using JBN(or QS) & Tor...I would like to add Stunnel to that connection.

Can anyone verify what Panta said about Host name being leaked when Tor is used for remailing and SMTP (via. QS, JBN or "rolling-your-own")?


Thanks very much, :D 

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