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Re: HTTPS & Tor?

Hello Mr. Langley,

> 2. Why did Mr. Langley mention that Tor doesn't handel HTTPS?

I didn't that I can see. Can you quote the part that you're referring to?

No I can't I misread what you posted sorry.

> 3. How can I ensure FTP requests via. imbeded web script (through pics, etc) don't break my anonymity with Tor?

For FTP requests just set your web browser's FTP proxy to something.
Either a valid SOCKS forwarding via Tor or an invalid host (to disable

How can I forward FTP via. socks?

I try to use FreeCap and Socks 5 with remote DNS lookup but Tor gives 
me a warning saying it needs socks 4a.  

Do you now of a windows program that can socksify 4a?

Thanks and sorry about the mis-quote

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