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Re: HTTPS & Tor?

On 4/28/05, lkjklj lkjlkj <herehere@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> HTTPS defeates the filtering process of Privoxy so your environmental info is in the clear.
> I was reading Adam Langley's thread on writing a proxy and he mentioned that Tor doens't (can't) handel HTTPS connections.

Nope. The word HTTPS doesn't appear in my email as far as I can see.

Tor deals with HTTPS connections just the same as it does HTTP ones.
However, *privoxy* cannot see inside them to strip headers and the

> 1. If HTTPS defeates Privoxy's ability to filter enviro. info does HTTPS also defeate Privoxy's DNSLookup forwarding?


> 2. Why did Mr. Langley mention that Tor doesn't handel HTTPS?

I didn't that I can see. Can you quote the part that you're referring to?

> 3. How can I ensure FTP requests via. imbeded web script (through pics, etc) don't break my anonymity with Tor?

For FTP requests just set your web browser's FTP proxy to something.
Either a valid SOCKS forwarding via Tor or an invalid host (to disable

For embedded Real/Flash etc you may be able to set their proxies also
- I don't know.

> 4. Are there any issues with anti-virius, anti-torjen, firewalls, antispware/malware leaking real IP's while I'm using Tor?

Yes. All of these can leak your IP address and/or record the webpages you read.


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