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HTTPS & Tor?


I have read about some of the issues of HTTPS and anonymity via. Tor/Privoxy; such as:

HTTPS defeates the filtering process of Privoxy so your environmental info is in the clear.

I was reading Adam Langley's thread on writing a proxy and he mentioned that Tor doens't (can't) handel HTTPS connections.

I have a few questions about HTTPS if you don't mind:

1. If HTTPS defeates Privoxy's ability to filter enviro. info does HTTPS also defeate Privoxy's DNSLookup forwarding?

2. Why did Mr. Langley mention that Tor doesn't handel HTTPS?


Two more questions about Tor please:

3. How can I ensure FTP requests via. imbeded web script (through pics, etc) don't break my anonymity with Tor?

I have Java disabled, I'm filtering web-bugs, cookies, etc, etc. 

4. Are there any issues with anti-virius, anti-torjen, firewalls, antispware/malware leaking real IP's while I'm using Tor?

I have all my progs set to *not* auto-update.  Whenever possible I set a programs proxy settings to use Privoxy ( when I'm using Tor.


Thank you very much

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