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Ideal Tor Server & ExitNode?


I am concidering setting up a few dedicated Tor servers to hopefully help increase the anonymity/security of the network.  Please read below and give me your opinion:


I was wondering what the ideal configuration of a *dedicated* high bandwith Tor server would be.

I would like everyone's opinion on this matter as I'm the least knowledgable here.

I would like to see some dedicated Tor servers (like the old Freedom Network) setup.  It seems that if we had a few (10-15)dedicated servers that function as ExitNodes and these servers offer very high bandwith this would incrase the anonymity of Tor.  

Am I correct in my understandings:

1. That more traffic on a givin node (to a point) increases the anonymity of the Tor node?  

More traffic can pass over dedicated nodes with higher bandwith than voulenteer nodes with lower bandwith.

2. The closer a node is to it's bandwith limit the more traffic analysis data via. meta-data is avaible to an advasary?  

Dedicated nodes can have very high bandwith limits enabling more traffic to pass through the node before the nod is compromised.  

I believe Tor servers have a config. that makes them not accept so much traffic that the node becomes a liaibility to the network; but I'm not sure.

3. The Tor network automatically attmepts to route traffic though nodes with higher bandwith?

If I understand the issues of Tor correctly, having dedicated nodes with high bandwith will increase the anonymity/security of the network.

What is your opinion as to the optimum configuration of a Tor server that also functions as a ExitNode?

1. How much bandwith? 

2. What kind of Exit Policy? (I was concidering a soft exit policy)

3. Should the Pageing file be encrypted or disabled (with enough RAM of course)?

4. If logs are required how long should they be?

5. What country would be ideal in regards to server anonymity and regualtions [logging, etc]?

6. Required operations for security/anonymity of server? (Encryption of various files/logs/etc)



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