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strange problem since upgrade to

hey list,

i am running a tor server for quite some days now. it all worked fine
using but since i upgraded to strange messages are
found in the tor.log.

the first, which pops up every couple of minutes is:

Apr 01 17:33:29.646 [warn] circuit_receive_relay_cell(): Didn't
recognize cell, but circ stops here! Closing circ.
Apr 01 17:33:29.646 [warn] command_process_relay_cell():
circuit_receive_relay_cell (forward) failed. Closing.

and the second one i cant really imagine why is:

Apr 01 18:46:42.614 [notice] conn_close_if_marked(): Conn (addr
[scrubbed], fd 772, type Dir, state 5) is bein
    g closed, but there are still 835094 bytes we can't write. (Marked
at main.c:554)

is this anything which i should pay attention?

i dont have any firewalls, or other things on this server, it just with
no restrictions as a middleman.

thanks in advance,

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