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Re: OSX Improvements for Tor+Privoxy Bundle

On Tuesday 28 March 2006 00:35, phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> There are three improvements in the current cvs branch (
> of Tor for OSX.  They are: 1) an uninstallation script for the bundle;
> 2) full PDF documentation included in the final installation; and 3) a
> pretty installer.  Please try them out.  I welcome feedback.
> 1.  There now exists an un-install script for OSX Tiger and Panther.  For
> now, it is included in the current branch ( of Tor.  It is
> installed, by default, to /Library/Tor/ as a file named:
> uninstall_tor_bundle.sh
Nice :)
> Running this shell script should completely un-install the Tor+Privoxy
> Bundle and remove all associated directories. It does not backup any
> files. It merely removes the bundle and the appropriate Tor and
> Privoxy directories.
> Also, included is an AppleScript stub for a future "point and click"
> uninstaller.  This is named Tor_Uninstaller.applescript.  It, too, is
> installed in the default /Library/Tor directory.
Hmm. Maybe we could put these in /Applications/Tor? If we did that, we could 
pretty it up.
> 2.  There are now full documents included with the OSX Tor+Privoxy
> Bundle.  These documents are now placed in the directory
> /Library/Tor/documents/ by default.
These would be good in /Applications/Tor too. Hell, while we're at it, we 
might even do a little TorCP-like thing up in AppleScript or whatever.. or a 
suite of AppleScripts (Stop Tor and Privoxy, Start Tor and Privoxy, Uninstall 
Privoxy)... whatever works. I could assist with this if you wanted.
> 3.  The Tor+Privoxy Bundle installation windows are now decorated with
> the Tor logo as produced by Ren of the EFF.
Nice work, mate. :-)
> Thanks!

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