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Re: OSX Improvements for Tor+Privoxy Bundle

On Sat, Apr 01, 2006 at 05:19:01PM -0600, hackmiester@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 2.9K bytes in 83 lines about:
: Hmm. Maybe we could put these in /Applications/Tor? If we did that, we could 
: pretty it up.

	According to Apple, there aren't hard standards as to where apps
	should live.  Would you put Tor in /Applications/Tor and Privoxy
	in /Applications/Privoxy? Or perhaps /Applications/Tor-Privoxy?
	What is the general consensus on this?

: These would be good in /Applications/Tor too. Hell, while we're at it, we 
: might even do a little TorCP-like thing up in AppleScript or whatever.. or a 
: suite of AppleScripts (Stop Tor and Privoxy, Start Tor and Privoxy, Uninstall 
: Privoxy)... whatever works. I could assist with this if you wanted.
: >

	I was reading up on how to put things into the menu bar, such
	that Tor status could be viewed and controlled from an icon.
	There is at least one project in process:
	http://www.vidalia-project.net which may address the need.