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Re: Unique properties and realtime entry-exit check

Thus spake Total Privacy (nosnoops@xxxxxxxxxxx):

> Two hypothetical examples: 
> 1. 
> I?m using the normal Firefox (without Tor) with cookies enabled 
> to log in on Yahoo email to make some stuff as my real identity. 
> Then I close the normal Firefox and start Torpark Firefox with 
> cookies enabled to log in on another Yahoo email to make some 
> stuff as an fake identity. Now the question is, are the cookies 
> capable to retrieve some unique information about my computer, 
> that later is comparable at Yahoo head quarter, to figure out 
> this two different Yahoo webmail accounts was actually runned 
> from one same computer? 

That depends on your profile directory.. If torpark and firefox are
sharing the same profile, cookies will be shared. If they are sharing
profiles, extensions probably will be shared also. 

An easy to check this without devling through arcane browser settings
is to install a cookie monitoring extension. I really like Add N' Edit
cookies myself. You can search for yahoo via each browser and make
sure no cookies are cross-populating.

> 2. 
> The same base as in the example 1 above, but with the difference 
> that no cookies enabled anywhere and the webmail account is at 
> Fastmail with complete https connection for everything. Now the 
> question is, are there some unique properties by my computer?s 
> https handling that appear the same on the Fastmail head quarter 
> to make sure the two webmail accounts was runned from the one 
> same computer? 

I think that unless you have installed a client certificate, there
should be no identifying information in an SSL handshake. If you do
have a client certificate installed (you will know if you do), I think
the client only uses it if the server requests it.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs