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Re: Firefox through Tor

Thus spake Eric H. Jung (eric.jung@xxxxxxxxx):

> * Define proxy use based on URL patterns using wildcards and/or
> regular expressions: now you can route *.onion domains and web mail
> accounts (gmail, yahoo, etc) through Tor but not CNN and Slashdot,
> for example, without having to constantly change Firefox's proxy
> settings.

Just a heads up about this. The I2P folks are very vocal against doing
exactly this for .i2p addresses. The reason is say I run
foo.onion/foo.i2p and also bar.org. I can put images/embedded object
links on my foo.onion page that refer to bar.org. The links can even
have an automatically generated identifier to do 1:1 association
between the Tor connections to foo.onion and the non-Tor accesses of

The problem is even worse for the regular Intarweb, where email and
other sites may have ad content from DoubleClick and co.  Unique
identifiers can be handed to the ad sites that will associate the
torrified email account access with the non-torrified ad server

Does XPCOM allow you to solve this problem somehow? A hack around it
using the about:config method would be to change the proxy for the
duration of the page load including embedded objects, but then you
have major concurrency issues with multiple tabs/windows loading at
the same time. Does XPCOM give you per-tab proxy granularity?

If you can't solve this problem automatically, you should be sure to
warn users of these side-effects.

But otherwise this looks like an awesome extension! Thank you very

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs