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Firefox through Tor


I'm happy to announce a new Firefox extension which is built with Tor in mind from the ground up.

FoxyProxy - http://foxyproxy.mozdev.org

I took the things I liked about SwitchProxy, TorButton, ProxyButton, QuickButton, xyzproxy, etc. and added a number of crucial features:

* Tor Wizard - now zero configuration to use Firefox with Tor

* Define proxy use based on URL patterns using wildcards and/or regular expressions: now you can route *.onion domains and web mail accounts (gmail, yahoo, etc) through Tor but not CNN and Slashdot, for example, without having to constantly change Firefox's proxy settings.

* Define multiple proxies

* No more wondering whether or not a URL loaded through a proxy: FoxyProxy includes a complete log of all URLs loaded, including which proxy was used, which pattern was matched, timestamps, etc.

* Temporarily or permanently dedicate all URLs to go through a particular proxy

* Temporarily or permanently disable use of a proxy

* FoxyProxy hooks directly into Firefox via XPCOM--this yields much greater performance than the de facto standard of updating about:config preferences programmatically (used by every other proxy extensions I could find)

* Lots more

I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to your comments.

Eric H. Jung