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RE: FW: Problems with TOR

OK - comment added. 

I have some friends who are Windows / .Net programmers - if one of them
is interested in fixing this for you, who should they get in contact



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On Fri, 07 Apr 2006, Tony wrote:

> Hi, nickname is UKFASTHOST123
> No I dont have a backup :-(
> What is the email address to send to and which files do you need?

Please see,

> Nb - did you take on board the problem with writing to the default
> profile? That should be fixed. If TOR cant workout which user it is
> running under then it should  use the 'all users' profile. Otherwise
> new users on the box get a copy of the potentially sensitive TOR keys
> and config in their profiles...

None of the Tor developers are windows folks.  See
http://bugs.noreply.org/254 for some information.  If you know exactly
what to do please add your knowledge to the bug report.

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