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Torpark v. pre-release

Howdy all,

New  version of Torpark available. Here is the english demo
without NoScript. I'll have the rest of the packages built
a little later. Let me know if you find any bugs. Also, if
anyone has win95 or win98 running, I would be interested to
find out how it turns out.


- Using Tor v0.1.1.18
- Tor log file is written to the temp directory while Torpark is running.
- all plugins now write to the executable temp direcory instead of the
local directory. Directory is deleted when Torpark exits.
- ExecDos.dll garbage bug fixed
- NoScript WILL be added for this next version, as javascript sites have
  been quietly loading disallowed flash plugins, compromising security.
- Torpark is again, smaller and faster. New splash as well.

Download here:

Steve Topletz