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Re: Torpark v. pre-release

Good work your great Torpark is, an easy access to Tor for 
people of an easy effort style (such as me). 

Now I have, to be a tip for your next release, in my opinion 
would be a very very VERY :) important implemention to give 
the Torpark browser a line down below (perhaps in status bar). 

As an fictional example here, thats the basical need: 
Entry: 123.456.789.0 Germany - - - - - Exit: 987.654.321.0 USA 

Or, as an "de luxe" version, compacted to fit the browser: 
In: Dallas, Texas, Blablabla Company - Out: Switzerland, Bern, Blablabla

Not necessary to continous sample when idle, but maybe a special 
quick button to click the moment before go any website or email, 
to check where Tor in and where Tor out. 

Another tip: Let the Torpark by default go as an "super security 
freak" configuration (with javascript turned off, no plugins etc). 

Thank You very much! 

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                          unladen european swallow