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Re: New Icon for Tor (CP)

Well, we certainly don't want you to use an icon without the permission of the copyright owner.

On 4/23/06, Michael Biech <MichaelBiech@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hey there!

I just wanted to say that I took the freedom to make 2 nice(r) icon for Tor (CP). I didn't like how the icon of the TorCP overall and how it was streched.

I used the logo on tor.eff.org for the first one:

For the second one I used the picture I found there: http://www.de-club.net/lpl/dl_005.htm - Two things to mention though... Unfortunately this one has this disturbing copyright symbol in the lower right corner (big version). So, I don't know whether I might use it. Since my Japanese is not good enough to contact the site owner I would put this icon into brackets:

I would like some feedback, wasn't hard to do, though ;). But as I stated in the chatroom (that sent me here): "Maybe every little contibution might help, right?".
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