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Lower minimum bandwidth?

I'm running tor as a server on a 256K/3MB asymmetric link,
and am a little frustrated that I can't rate-limit less than 20KB/sec.
Since the upload speed of such a link is fully saturated at ~25KB/sec,
it would be nice to be able to offer a smaller percentage of the link to
tor users (e.g. 10-15KB/sec).

One of the Wiki questions was how to improve adoption rates for tor
servers. It seems like tor might be better served offering more servers
with lower bandwidth rather than fewer servers at higher rates, but
that's just my $0.02.

Even if tor doesn't offer better upstream rate-limiting (incoming is
currently the only rate-limiting supported), I really think the servers
shouldn't refuse to start just because BandwidthRate < 20KB. There are
*many* interactive services (telnet and ssh, for example) that could
perform quite well even at lower rates, and allowing server operators to
offer them might increase the uptake of exit servers as well.

Is there a technical reason why lower rates aren't supported? And is
there anything else I can do other than adding "MaxAdvertisedBandwidth
10 KB" to my torrc?

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