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Re: Lower minimum bandwidth?

On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 07:13:53PM -0700, Ringo Kamens wrote:

> Perhaps your modem/router has bandwidth limiting options in it? You

Most consumer-oriented cable modems and routers don't have this sort of
capability. If the goal is to restrict tor servers to only those people
with big pipes or expensive, professional-quality gear, then that's one
thing. But if the point is to encourage wider adoption, then solving the
problem with CPE equipment is not the way to go.

> cut down on the server bandwidth. Also, couldn't you change the source
> to have a lower limit and then recompile it?

A very unstable solution could be to run tor under trickled, but this
creates its own problems. Firstly, trickled can be unstable with some
apps, and (at least on my system) will often die unexpectedly. Secondly,
you'd still be advertising this fat(ter) pipe, but rate-limiting it
below what's being advertised. This is probably Not A Good Thing (tm).

As for expecting the average tor user to modify source code, that seems
pretty unrealistic. Not everyone running tor is a programmer, and it
would seem to me that requiring users to recompile like that doesn't
solve the larger issue.

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