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Re: How to define DNS name?

    ## The IP or fqdn for this server. Leave commented out and Tor will
    Address your-dns-a-record.yourdomain.com

This won't matter when somebody queries in-addr.arpa -- which is what any remote site will see.

If you don't own an domain name where you can edit the DNS records you
can register at a free DNS provider like dyndns.org or afraid.org.

Easy to do for forward lookup zones, not so easy for the reverse ones -- espically if you're on a "consumer" ISP (eg: comcast, etc.).

You need to figure out who's responsible for D.C.B.A.in-addr-arpa and change it there, or see if they'll delegate it for you.

Note that DynDNS dosen't permit you to do in-addr.arpa with their 'freebie' service. See : http://www.dyndns.com/support/kb/archives/reverse_dns.html