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Re: Firefox through Tor

Thus spake Michael Holstein (michael.holstein@xxxxxxxxxxx):

> >The problem is that yahoo can custom-generate its links to DoubleClick
> >so they encode your email address (dunno if they do do this, but I'm
> >sure some sites and ad parters do). Therefore identifiying information
> >is sent independent of the cookie.
> Which is why one should have separate accounts created for anonymous 
> use, and do everything (including setup of those accounts) from an 
> anonymized connection.
> Once you've touched your anonymous account from a session involving 
> anything that *isn't* anonymous, it's game over.

Agreed. This is also why an automatic filter is dangerous if it is not
done properly. Just one slip-up, accidental click, etc, and you're

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs