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Re: Firefox through Tor

Perhaps you could have a foxy proxy frame (this might be what they were talking about) that routes all the traffic in that frame through tor in order to protect users from insecure images etc.

On 4/28/06, Eric H. Jung <eric.jung@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Michaels,

I apologize for the delayed reply. Please don't interpret the delay as
a lack of interest--it surely isn't.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>Just clearing cookies every time there is a switch is not enough if
>there is an automatic Tor filter in place.

>The problem is that yahoo can custom-generate its links to DoubleClick
>so they encode your email address (dunno if they do do this, but I'm
>sure some sites and ad parters do). Therefore identifiying information
>is sent independent of the cookie."

I hope you'll both agree there's nothing FoxyProxy can do about this.
Unless you have a striking relevation which could solve the problem
programmatically, I'm just going to add this to the FoxyProxy FAQ as a
"be careful" warning in an attempt to educate.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>See the problem?

Yes, I do now. Thank you.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>> but if you're asking whether XPCOM allows one to use a proxy on/off
>> based on a page and all its components (images, css files, js
files), >>the answer is yes.
>Yes, excellent. That is the property that is needed. If you use that
>level of control, you are fine."

OK. I will research this further and post my results, especially
regarding the frames/iframes question.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>2. Links. Say I want to know who baz@xxxxxxxxx is. I send them a mail
>(possibly spoofed to look like it's from a previous correspondent of
>theirs) instructing them to click on some link that I control that no
>one else has seen. This can happen inadvertantly or accidentally even,
>I know I've accidentally clicked on an ad banner/stray link here or
>Can you provide some sort of option so that the proxy stays enabled
>for links clicked from a proxy-enabled page? Would be useful for those
>of us with over-sensitive touchpads :)

This is more difficult, but I've thought of an interesting way to do

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