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Re: Firefox through Tor

Hello Michaels,

I apologize for the delayed reply. Please don't interpret the delay as
a lack of interest--it surely isn't.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>Just clearing cookies every time there is a switch is not enough if
>there is an automatic Tor filter in place.

>The problem is that yahoo can custom-generate its links to DoubleClick
>so they encode your email address (dunno if they do do this, but I'm
>sure some sites and ad parters do). Therefore identifiying information
>is sent independent of the cookie."

I hope you'll both agree there's nothing FoxyProxy can do about this.
Unless you have a striking relevation which could solve the problem
programmatically, I'm just going to add this to the FoxyProxy FAQ as a
"be careful" warning in an attempt to educate.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>See the problem?

Yes, I do now. Thank you.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>> but if you're asking whether XPCOM allows one to use a proxy on/off
>> based on a page and all its components (images, css files, js
files), >>the answer is yes.
>Yes, excellent. That is the property that is needed. If you use that
>level of control, you are fine."

OK. I will research this further and post my results, especially
regarding the frames/iframes question.

Quoting Mike Perry:
>2. Links. Say I want to know who baz@xxxxxxxxx is. I send them a mail
>(possibly spoofed to look like it's from a previous correspondent of
>theirs) instructing them to click on some link that I control that no
>one else has seen. This can happen inadvertantly or accidentally even,
>I know I've accidentally clicked on an ad banner/stray link here or
>Can you provide some sort of option so that the proxy stays enabled
>for links clicked from a proxy-enabled page? Would be useful for those
>of us with over-sensitive touchpads :)

This is more difficult, but I've thought of an interesting way to do

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