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Re: Re[2]: Firefox through Tor

It would be quite trivial  to write a Firefox extension which prevents
Javascript from writing and/or reading cookies.

--- ygrek <ygrekheretix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Mike,
> > I regularly purge tons of cookies from doubleclick, informit,
> > googlesyndication, ad nauseum that have been collected even through
> > privoxy. Unfortunately privoxy really should only be depended upon
> as
> > a SOCKS to HTTP proxy converter. It is not a reliable privacy tool
> > anymore.
> Why not? It works quite well for me. If the cookie is generated by
> the
> server-side script or is embedded in the page (anyway it comes from
> the external world) - it is surely catched by Privoxy. The other way
> to get the cookie - if it is generated at the browser-side
> (Javascript
> etc) then Privoxy knows nothing about it ofcourse (but maybe it is
> possible to somehow tune the browser to disallow cookies from
> Javascripts), and the only way is to block java-scripts by url or
> disallow JS fully (for some nasty sites at least).
> IMHO - for the limited set of sites which one visits regularly it is
> quite
> easy to configure Privoxy to block ads.
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  ygrek    http://ygrek.org.ua  xmpp: ygrek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx