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Re[2]: Firefox through Tor

Hello Mike,

> I regularly purge tons of cookies from doubleclick, informit,
> googlesyndication, ad nauseum that have been collected even through
> privoxy. Unfortunately privoxy really should only be depended upon as
> a SOCKS to HTTP proxy converter. It is not a reliable privacy tool
> anymore.

Why not? It works quite well for me. If the cookie is generated by the
server-side script or is embedded in the page (anyway it comes from
the external world) - it is surely catched by Privoxy. The other way
to get the cookie - if it is generated at the browser-side (Javascript
etc) then Privoxy knows nothing about it ofcourse (but maybe it is
possible to somehow tune the browser to disallow cookies from
Javascripts), and the only way is to block java-scripts by url or
disallow JS fully (for some nasty sites at least).
IMHO - for the limited set of sites which one visits regularly it is quite
easy to configure Privoxy to block ads.

Best regards,
 ygrek    http://ygrek.org.ua  xmpp: ygrek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx         

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