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Re: Firefox through Tor

Thus spake glymr (glymr_darkmoon@xxxxxxx):

> > Yes, inverting the filter so that you list only sites that you
> > trust to connect to in the clear is a much safer option (and much
> > easier to implement!), but my guess is that it will be much less
> > popular than the ability to specify the sites you only want to
> > visit through Tor (ie gmail/yahoo/.onion). There in lies the
> > dillemma.
> >
> what about changing the proxy program so it always runs through
> privoxy, and having foxyproxy switch the upstream proxy to none or
> tor. this solves the problem of identifiable information from the
> beginning because it strips most of the identifiable stuff. you don't
> even see those evil spy-cookie producing ads with privoxy. if there is
> any simple way to make it possible to quickly switch privoxy to and
> from tor that would strengthen the anonymity a lot.

I regularly purge tons of cookies from doubleclick, informit,
googlesyndication, ad nauseum that have been collected even through
privoxy. Unfortunately privoxy really should only be depended upon as
a SOCKS to HTTP proxy converter. It is not a reliable privacy tool

> > I do think that it should be possible to build such a filter
> > though. And it would be very very nice to have.

While I'm at it, let me strengthen this statement by saying that such
a filter for selective torrification is pretty much a necessity for
the simple reason that every Tor user *has* to do all the
countermeasures by hand anyway as-is if they ever turn Tor off (which
I imagine most of them do, esp during periods of network lag).

If an extension such as Foxyproxy can perform these tasks
automatically, and can be verified to be performing them correctly
each time, this is a vast improvement over everyone doing it by hand
(especially for Tor newbies).

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs