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Re: Is this for real?


> The problem is that it does not scale 1:1.
> If you set aside the biggest problems:
> - Users with firewalls/NAT routers and lack of knowhow to set them up
> correctly.

If they can use Tor to surf they should be able to let the Tor server
component also access it. Same program. Don't understand this arguement.

> - Increased use increases incentives for the bad guys, _especially_ if
> a vulnerability is discovered. Everyone would be vulnerable.

What is the point. The same thing right now. If a vulnerability is
discovered then people must update immediately. Who says that all people
running Tor servers right now are computer whizzes?

> The reason it does not scale 1:1 is that (in EU at least),
> Internet-access to the users are provided mostly asymmetrically. My
> new connection has an awesome 20Mbit downstream, and the whole of
> 1Mbit upstream. Even with the fastest (consumer) subscription I'm not
> able to host a TOR server if I'm also going to use other services
> (VoIP, etc.).

Yes, but if everybody gets the download speed that he provides for
upload then it scales perfectly. In your case 1M.
> And I wouldn't approve of the whole forcing-people either, at least by
> my own moral standards, especially not in a freedom-project like this!

Where is the force. That would just be the way the program works! Same
thing with emule, freenet, etc, etc. Give and take. No harm done.
I wasn't saying that everybody should become an exit node.


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