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Re: Is this for real?

On Wed, 2007-11-04 at 23:18 -0700, JT wrote:
> Hi,
> > The problem is that it does not scale 1:1.
> > 
> > If you set aside the biggest problems:
> > - Users with firewalls/NAT routers and lack of knowhow to set them up
> > correctly.
> If they can use Tor to surf they should be able to let the Tor server
> component also access it. Same program. Don't understand this arguement.

Surfing with Tor uses outbound connections, being a server requires
inbound connections. Inbound connections will break against a NAT/router
that isn't configured correctly as the Nat/router hasn't been told to
which internal IP to route incoming connections on a given port. 

same is true for many Firewalls.

> > And I wouldn't approve of the whole forcing-people either, at least by
> > my own moral standards, especially not in a freedom-project like this!
> Where is the force. That would just be the way the program works! Same
> thing with emule, freenet, etc, etc. Give and take. No harm done.
> I wasn't saying that everybody should become an exit node.

Being "just the way the program works" is force. Just as a government
that has a rule "we shoot all dissidents without question.. sorry that's
just the way we work" is force.

  Now providing someone can solve the NAT problem without using UPNP or
breaking anonymity I still wouldn't like to see a Tor implementation
that defaults to a server. NAT/router/firewall aside there are other
problems, Bandwidth shaping/throttling by ISP's, On many ISP's running a
server of any kind is a direct violation of their "terms and
conditions", in some jurisdictions running a Tor server may be illegal
where using the client isn't, etc.

  So, if Tor were to come "server as default" it absolutely must have a
very simple way to turn the server off permanently, which breaks the
whole reasoning for having Tor be "server default" and you might as well
just provide an easy way to turn the server on and let the user decide
based on his, network, isp, legal situation, etc.  


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