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Re: My ISP block Tor Servers

> My ISP Blocked most of tor servers that provide the "cached-routers".
> any Idea how to bypass this issue !

IIRC there was a discussion about this a while back on the list, and as of yet there are no easily accessible end-user ways of working around this. (Please correct me if am wrong) 
I think what you are doing is pretty much what was suggested:

> i save the cached-routers file and rename it, when tor empty the original
> file i replace it with the one i have and it work again.


btw: Unless I am mistaken Mr.Death is writing us from the Emirates (at least that's what his E-Mail headers are saying), not from the US, so talking about the legal details in the US is not only offtopic, it's also useless. But go ahead, I am sure the UAE will be impressed when you tell them what you think and they'll stop filtering. Not.


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