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Re: [Fwd: High-traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C. Confirmed]

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> I would like to contribute some more Tor servers running at different
> providers across Germany (probably not in the same /16 network). My
> current server is a virtual server at 1blu that has a bandwidth of 931
> KB/s which makes it the 71st fastest Tor server in the network. Maybe
> other providers are even faster than 1blu. Just as a comparison: the
> fastest Tor server at the moment has 4533 KB/s.


do you run a TOR server on a virtual server without connection faults?
A year ago, I tested a tor server on virtual hardware (Virtuozzo) and I
got many TCP connection faults in "/proc/user_beancounters".

Is a TOR server now ready to run with less then 1024 TCP connections?
Or do you have a virtual server, which does not have low limits for TCP
connections? In this case the offer of 1blu is very nice for TOR.

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I know, it is a Tor list. But please let me write this:
What do you think about a remailer (Mixmaster or Mixminion), something
like TOR for emails. Emails are more private than surfing in my opinion.
If you did have the power to admin a few tor server, you may run a
remailer too. It may share a server together with TOR. The traffic is
not very high: 5.000 mails per day. It uses at max. 16 TCP connections.
And it can act as a middle-man like TOR. For Mixmaster a working MTA
("exim4" or something else) is required, for a Mixminion middle-man nothing.

The size of the remailer networks decreases in the last 6 month down to
35 nodes for Mixminion and less than 30 nodes for Mixmaster. Hope, we
can stop this trend. Large networks for high anonymity are needed.

I am ready for help, if somebody needed any docs. (in German too)
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Karsten N.
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