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Re: [Fwd: High-traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C. Confirmed]

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Hi Karsten, (strange to write that *g*)

> do you run a TOR server on a virtual server without connection faults?
> A year ago, I tested a tor server on virtual hardware (Virtuozzo) and I
> got many TCP connection faults in "/proc/user_beancounters".
> Is a TOR server now ready to run with less then 1024 TCP connections?
> Or do you have a virtual server, which does not have low limits for TCP
> connections? In this case the offer of 1blu is very nice for TOR.

At the moment I count 630 TCP connections using netstat. And I don't
know about /proc/user_beancounters, but that file is empty.

I don't have any long-term experience with 1blu so far. Maybe they shut
down my node as soon as they find out why it produces so much traffic.
And maybe they change their contracts as soon as everybody is running
Tor servers at them from now on. Let's wait and see.

> - ----- Begin Off-Topic -------
> I know, it is a Tor list. But please let me write this:
> What do you think about a remailer (Mixmaster or Mixminion), something
> like TOR for emails. Emails are more private than surfing in my opinion.
> If you did have the power to admin a few tor server, you may run a
> remailer too. It may share a server together with TOR. The traffic is
> not very high: 5.000 mails per day. It uses at max. 16 TCP connections.
> And it can act as a middle-man like TOR. For Mixmaster a working MTA
> ("exim4" or something else) is required, for a Mixminion middle-man nothing.
> The size of the remailer networks decreases in the last 6 month down to
> 35 nodes for Mixminion and less than 30 nodes for Mixmaster. Hope, we
> can stop this trend. Large networks for high anonymity are needed.
> I am ready for help, if somebody needed any docs. (in German too)

Personally, I don't know so much about e-mail anonymizers, yet. So, if
you have information that I cannot find in a two-minutes Google session,
yes, please send it to me.

> - ------ End Off-Topic ----------

- --Karsten
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