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Re: Importance of HTTP connection keep-alive

Juliusz Chroboczek <Juliusz.Chroboczek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > With http://www.kde.org/screenshots/:
> So according to this test, this page downloads roughly two times
> faster through Polipo/tor than through Privoxy/tor, right?

It certainly did for the five samples I took.
> > I also tested with another website (http://www.spiegel.de/):
> This test is not representative: this is an HTTP/1.0 site.  There are
> fortunately very few of these left nowadays.

What exactly is the problem with the site?
Watching the circuits in Vidalia I had the impression
that Polipo used keep-alive.

> > Privoxy may have had a slight advantage here, because by removing
> > three tracking pixels it had to do three requests less.
> And notwithstanding the fact that you so carefully crafted this test
> to advantage Privoxy, Polipo/tor was still 13% faster?

To which numbers are you referring here? Repeating my results:

Firefox + Privoxy + Tor:
110.619s, 78.505s, 20.397s, 36.926s, 73,442s

Firefox + Polipo + Tor:
93.979s, 33.102s, 34.242s, 123.365s, 99.740s

So Polipo+Tor were slightly slower, while the reason seems
to be bad luck with the speed of the Tor circuits.

However if I understand you correctly, you're saying
that I intentionally chose a site where Polipo has

Can you name some other sites that you consider valid targets then?
I can test again with Privoxy's actions disabled.


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