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Re: Accept-encoding: gzip

light zoo <lightzook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> --- Mike Cardwell <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Or am I missing something?
> >> 
> >> Mike
> Yes, you are missing something...and that is header
> munging.  If you use compression then the headers
> can/may not be munged (spoofed and modified) as far as
> I understand.  

The Accept-Encoding header doesn't affect the encoding
of the headers, so there's no reason why it should make a
difference for header modifications.

> I do all my header munging (Firefox browser) via.
> about:config and extensions, some people use Privoxy,
> etc.  
> This is my compression setting in about:config, it
> disables all compression:
> network.http.accept-encoding 
> {gzip;q=0,deflate;q=0,compress;q=0}

I don't think so. It certainly makes fingerprinting
your requests easier, though.

If you don't want to receive compressed content,
you should either set the Accept-Encoding
header to "identity", or send no Accept-Encoding
header at all.

Have a look at section "3.5 Content Codings"
in: http://ietf.org/rfc/rfc2616.txt
if you're interested in the details.

Of course if there is no reason not to accept
compressed content, it makes sense to just leave
the client's encoding settings alone.


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