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Re: Tor nodes blocked by e-gold

Hash: RIPEMD160

I was able to access my account as of a couple of days ago. Some tor
nodes are in spam DBs, but only a few of them (as far as I know at
least). Wikipedia has blocked tor nodes for close to a year now, as
does some other sites. For this reason, I think it would be useful to
make directory files compressed AND crypted, if possible/viable. Just
my two rapidly devaluing Federal Reserve cents, though 8-).


PS- What country are you in? Based on your writing, I assume you are
from a country where English is not the primary language.
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On 04/26/2007 10:49 PM, force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> Since 24 hours, e-gold has decided to block all TOR nodes, and not
> only. In fact they check 3 "spam databases" and if the user's IP is
> in one of them, e-gold just declines any operation, people cannot
> even login into their accounts.
> There are a few things here:
> It is the first time I see a website blocking IP that appear in
> SPAM databases! Spam is, as far as I know, an EMAIL problem, so why
> would a domain block surfing from these IP?
> About TOR particularly, I feel very strange that all exit nodes
> would be listed in spam databases, as most of them (if not all)
> don't accept sending mail requests. That is why I rather believe
> that e-gold in fact fetches the TOR exit nodes list, and directly
> block their IP addresses.
> A friend, connecting from his home in Germany without TOR, without
> any proxy, cannot enter his account as his IP address (a dynamic
> one from a dialup provider) was listed 2 months ago for spam!!!
> A few people are already complaining that they cannot get into
> their accounts, and so their money seems to be lost! E-gold was
> already known to block accounts without any warning and
> explanations, recently blocked accounts of all Iranian people and
> KEPT their funds, now they automatize the scam process!
> E-gold seems to be the next (or TODAY'S) major scam of the
> internet!
> F44
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