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Re: Is switching IP addresses regularly beneficial as exit node?

I think this would help us out a lot if it could work. Perhaps you
could get a dydns address, submit that to the dir servers, and then
change it when your IP changes.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 9/21/06, Blackbeard <blackbeardtor@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I was considering that sometimes Toris banned or otherwise tracked by some of the services which end users make use of.  Would it be beneficial for me to change the IP address at a regular interval in order to help prevent this banning or blocking?

I imagine that a negative of doing this would be a period of time where the directory would be wrong, thus my exit node being unreachable for a period of time until updated.  Also perhaps it is better that other sites are able to block the exit nodes from using their services.

Any thoughts from veteren exit node operators or developers on this one?

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