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Re: Selecting and using a particular Tor IP address

You can also use web proxies. They are just as good in my opinion but
many lack HTTPS support. Proxy.org has a nice rotating list of them.
Also, it doesn't hurt to ask the admin if he can make changes. Stress
that anonymity/security is very important to you and that because of
security policies, it is very difficult for you to maintain it.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 4/25/07, Kyle Williams <kyle.kwilliams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
when you access the site, choose an exit point.
then in your URL, add nodename.exit.
Example:   www.google.com.nami.exit

This lets you pick your exit node.  Hope that helps.


On 4/25/07, F M <cantinabandsong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > I find that when I'm browsing on forum that require a > login, whenever I decide to post I have to keep > re-logging in because the Tor IP keeps rotating on me > while I'm on a forum session. After viewing some of > the IP's from the Tor network I can see that several > IP's have uptime of several months. I'm wondering, > can you manually request to be connected to one these > high uptime IP's in order to avoid the Tor network > constantly changing IP's all of the time? I'd like to > stick to one IP if possible during a forum > participation session. Thanks! > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around > http://mail.yahoo.com > >