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Re: Selecting and using a particular Tor IP address

when you access the site, choose an exit point.
then in your URL, add nodename.exit.
Example:   www.google.com.nami.exit

This lets you pick your exit node.  Hope that helps.


On 4/25/07, F M <cantinabandsong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I find that when I'm browsing on forum that require a
login, whenever I decide to post I have to keep
re-logging in because the Tor IP keeps rotating on me
while I'm on a forum session.  After viewing some of
the IP's from the Tor network I can see that several
IP's have uptime of several months.  I'm wondering,
can you manually request to be connected to one these
high uptime IP's in order to avoid the Tor network
constantly changing IP's all of the time?  I'd like to
stick to one IP if possible during a forum
participation session.  Thanks!

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