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Re: BOGUS AUTHORITY ALERT: interesting cached-status/1A0999C05AE2B9A3CF474077F06060E91B3A847 file

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Scott Bennett wrote:

> >Your client or cache probably got the bogus v2 networkstatus by going
> >to one of the caches and asking for "all" v2 networkstatuses. The bogus
> >ones will expire after a while.
> >
>      But is there currently a way that I can, w.r.t. my torrc, "learn" from
> the experience?  I.e., is there a way I can tell it to *reject* any such bogus
> networkstatus documents regarding that "authority" in the future?

How will you know it's bogus?

Calm down, all is fine.  Move on.