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Ubuntu Tor LiveCD: making your own with Remastersys

I'm interested in making an Ubuntu LiveCD for Tor use, using Remastersys.

Remastersys is being used by many to backup their Ubuntu installation on
CD or DVD and use it as a LiveCD, or using their current Ubuntu install to
make a distro. I'm wanting to backup my current install and use it for
myself as a LiveCD with Tor, but before I begin I wanted to check with the
bright minds here on a few details. Yes, I know there are already a few
LiveCD or USB Tor options but I want to roll my own with additional
programs, in my case I'm going to be making a LiveCD and a LiveDVD for
different uses. I'm thankful to anyone kind enough to respond! Your
answers will serve to help not only me, but others who may wish to use
remastersys to make their own Ubuntu LiveCD or LiveUSB with Tor! I could
inquire elsewhere, but as I'm looking for answers to this about Tor,
there's no better place to ask!


1. When running Tor from the LiveCD, what should I do about the tor router
cache which is downloaded when you start Tor? I don't want to touch the
hard drive, I'd rather use a USB flash/thumb drive, so should I specify in
torrc to use a USB location for the data? What is the command to use again
please? May I place the torrc file within the home directory inside the
.tor subdirectory of the user's home folder or should this be placed on
the USB thumb drive in a .tor directory? Where should torrc file be
located? I'm going to be disabling the use of hard disk cache during my
use of remastersys, will this have a negative impact on tor usage in any

2. Do I need to do anything else to tor (any special compile options) or
torrc before I back it up to LiveCD with remastersys? Any additional

3. Do you have a better alternative to using remastersys for making an
Ubuntu LiveCD with Tor? I'd love to hear about it! Aside from manual
mucking at the command line, I've heard of Remastersys, Reconstructor, and

Thanks in advance!