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Torrifying Clive? (extracts YouTube/Google Video, supports external encoders)

I discovered an interesting program:


It's in the Ubuntu Universe Repository. "clive is a video extraction tool
for user-uploaded video hosts such as Youtube, Google Video, Dailymotion,
Guba and Metacafe. It can be chained with 3rd party tools for subsequent
video re-encoding and playing and playing." "Proxy support; option and
http_proxy environment setting"

Some people use KeepVid.com or other websites to download Flash videos,
but Clive seems handier without having to feed some website your video
interests. Since most of us tor users have Flash disabled when browsing,
it makes sense to want to know how to torrify a useful application like
Clive, so we may grab Flash videos easily and view them offline and it
sounds like this program may offer more options than simply fetching them
(see above where the quote says it may be used with an external encoder to
re-encode the extracted videos).

In Clive's man page, it mentions a proxy feature, I believe this could be
used by Privoxy or some other proxy used with Tor? Would it be as simple
as pointing Clive to Privoxy? Would there be any leaks?