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Re: Proposal: Tor User Agent Carousel (TUAC)

Hi! Thank you for your reply.

I mentioned this in my last post to this thread which I just send, with
the group 1 & 2 and charlie brown mention, please refer to it, thank you.

These may not be strange user agents, but a collection of user agents
varying in popularity which may be modified by the user to include their
own additional user agents. Sure, being within a group of the most popular
UA is desirable, but it is not truly blending as other concerns stick out
like a sore thumb. Perhaps in addition to rotation of UA, the other
solution of spoofing enabled plugins when they are disabled would be
useful in evading the fingerprinting of browser. I do not believe a static
UA choice is useful over the long term.

> this is the part I need more input: "and I don't believe simply mixing in
> with the crowd is enough, as the user is likely to have many other blatent
> Tor-like signs, especially with most everything turned off like
> javascript, java, etc."
> as I suppose that mixing with the crowd is better than spiking out with
> strange user agents.