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Re: Ubuntu Tor LiveCD: making your own with Remastersys

     On Fri, 4 Apr 2008 05:23:19 -0400 (EDT) lxixnxenoise@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I'm not sure that I've heard of it, but I thank you for a mention of
>another possible choice. I believe I had mentioned I was aware of tor
>LiveCD, but I wanted to roll my own for my own enjoyment :) as well as

      However, at least some of your questions would be answered by a quick
look at what others have done, right?

>offer a talking point in this thread to help others glean knowledge
>through the bright minds of others on how to do this for themselves. I'm
>not looking to dump a huge thread on this mailing list on anything
>offtopic, I would like to know how to properly configure tor for a livecd
>so it works okay. thanks
     Attribution of quoted text (see below) is the accepted standard.

>> Btw. Do you know of Polippix? (polippix.org) It is based on Tor and
>> Kubuntu.

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