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Re: Ubuntu Tor LiveCD: making your own with Remastersys

hi, thank you for your reply.

While I appreciate the mention of another tor livecd distro (though I had
expressed the desire to make my own backup and wanted points on this
rather than being directed to another distro as I have no intention of
using another distro's livecd other than my own remaster), I don't seem to
find anything on the website which answers my questions. I see a brief
mention of making a Polippix of your own, but it does not go into detail
about where to store the downloaded tor router cache, where the torrc
should be saved on the livecd itself or usb as per my interest of data
storage when using the livecd, etc. If I have missed something on their
site, please point it out, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I have
and will always now reply in full without snips, to satisfy those who wish
to have text attributed to them, even though history will forget all of
this given time, but since it pleases some, fine, I will waste the space
by quoting everything in full with names and all.

I now refer readers to my first post in this thread where we may correctly
pick up on my intentions for this thread, thanks!

>      On Fri, 4 Apr 2008 05:23:19 -0400 (EDT) lxixnxenoise@xxxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:
>>I'm not sure that I've heard of it, but I thank you for a mention of
>>another possible choice. I believe I had mentioned I was aware of tor
>>LiveCD, but I wanted to roll my own for my own enjoyment :) as well as
>       However, at least some of your questions would be answered by a
> quick
> look at what others have done, right?
>>offer a talking point in this thread to help others glean knowledge
>>through the bright minds of others on how to do this for themselves. I'm
>>not looking to dump a huge thread on this mailing list on anything
>>offtopic, I would like to know how to properly configure tor for a livecd
>>so it works okay. thanks
>      Attribution of quoted text (see below) is the accepted standard.
>>> Btw. Do you know of Polippix? (polippix.org) It is based on Tor and
>>> Kubuntu.
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