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Tor problems resolved?

Yesterday, I wrote that my copy of Tor was suddenly unable to download relays or to complete a circuit. Scott sent me a new consensus document, but this didn't help. In fact, after putting it in, Vidalia began cycling, taking excessive memory and cpu cycles. I terminated it and restarted, but then Vidalia started demanding a password before it would start Tor.

I decided to re-install Vidalia Bundle, but this didn't help. I backed up all the Tor data files, and deleted them, then did another re-install. Still no help.

The re-installs kept insisting that they were upgrades, even though I'd run the uninstaller script and had tried to delete all Tor and Vidalia files.

Then I noticed that I still had the Vidalia app, so I deleted that and all data files and directories I could find.

The last re-install still said it was an upgrade, but, after performing it, Tor downloaded 1400 relays and built a circuit, so the problem was a corrupt Vidalia.app

Apparently, re-install tries not to overwrite files, and the Tor uninstall package does not delete Vidalia.app, so it took me some time to narrow the problem to a corrupt vidalia.app running in the Darwin applications directory.

But after the final re-install, Tor managed to bootstrap itself and now seems to be working.

I post this in case it provides any information to the Tor project team.


bao song <michaelwprx@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yeah. We assume you have some way around your
> firewall (e.g. open proxies,
> friends, etc) but it's inconvenient and you don't
> want to use it all
> the time. But hopefully it's enough to get Tor
> itself.

The hard-working people at the firewall have managed
to block every open proxy I'd been able to find in the
past. If it's listed on any site that says it's
listing 'open proxies,' it's blocked. Keeping Tor
running was my last way around the firewall. I managed
to download an early version of Tor when it was easier
to find open proxies, then used Tor to keep Tor

> (We're looking into setting up a gmail autoresponder
> -- apparently gmail
> messages can be 20 megabytes. Handy.)
> > b) Tor cannot easily 'bootstrap,' since the
> > authoritative directory servers are all blocked.
> Is that also true for Tor

I'm running on Darwin, and on
XP. Both were able to create a circuit Wednesday, but
neither can create a circuit today.

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