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Re: GSoC proposal

First off, I am not interested in "per circuit" information, and I sincerely
hope that tor would refuse to provide such information via its controller
interface.  The very idea seems in opposition to the purpose of tor.

Actually, I was thinking to show the bandwidth of a circuit, without
additional infos, to estimate how fast a circuit may be.

     Secondly, the kind of information I am interested in seeing would be
primarily focused upon server operations and performance, such as

	a) the number of exits currently active to each active port,

If I understand well you are interested in knowing the tcp / udp ports contacted by exit connections ?

	b) the number of exits to each port during some time interval (e.g.,
	   an hour) for consecutive time intervals (i.e., a way to collect
	   hourly statistics throughout each day),

OK but remember my objective wasn't to collect statistics continuously. Of course, it would be available while monitor run.

	c) the number of circuits currently using each existing router
	d) the current, average, and actual maximum number of onion skins
	   queued for decryption over some preceding time period,
	e) the hourly maximum number of onion skins queued for decryption
	   throughout the day,
	f) the number of relay-only circuits currently active,
	g) the number of hidden service introductions/rendezvous connections
	   currently active and during hourly periods throughout the day,
	h) statistics showing how closely (or not) the BandwidthRate and
	   BandwidthBurst targets are being met, and
	i) statistics regarding cells dropped for each of the possible
	   reasons, and
	j) statistics on various directory service operations.

I took note, I think relay's admin would be helped a lot with theses information.

     Best wishes for a successful project!

Thanks you very much for your suggestions, they are relevant, and I would enjoy to have such data available for my relay :)