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Re: [GSoC] Overall Network Status ...

Sure, that would be great!

That would also give me more time to find interesting metrics, better
visualisation, and more ... and I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel :)

I will check out the SVN asap.

Kind regards, Martin Mulazzani

Kasimir Gabert wrote:
> Hello Martin Mulazzani,
> I am glad that you have decided to help working on the overall network
> status.  Something that you might want to consider, however, would be
> to implement your idea directly into TorStatus.  This will help keep
> the display of the routers and information about them in one form,
> even though it is mirrored enough to keep the redundancy.  TorStatus
> is completely open source, and can be checked out through Freehaven's
> svn: https://tor-svn.freehaven.net/svn/torstatus/trunk/ This will also
> remove any delay between updating the stats and retrieving them, and
> will not put an unnecessary strain on one of the, or even several of
> the mirrors, as well as start you out with a mirror base.
> Let me know what your thoughts are!
> Kasimir
> On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 8:17 AM, Martin Mulazzani
> <e0225055@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>>  I want to take care of the "Overall Network Status" project for the
>>  Google Summer of Code 2008. By automated collecting & merging the
>>  available information related to the network health I would like to
>>  calculate statistical values of importance, like arithmetic mean of
>>  uptime, bandwith, number of exit nodes, and many more ...
>>  The full proposal can be found here:
>>  http://stud4.tuwien.ac.at/~e0225055/OverallNetworkStatus.pdf
>>  I'm open for feedback & comments on my proposal.
>>  Kind regards, Martin Mulazzani