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Re: Smallest cheapest device to run a tor home server?

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 11:47 AM, Rochester TOR Admin <onionroutor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Maybe someone else has found a better answer but when I researched this I found that although dd-wrt can run tor, there aren't any updated pre-built packages so you will most likely have to compile your own. 

Check out the archives for some help:

I still think in the end it's better to run a cheap computer dedicated to tor than to try to install it onto the firmware.  If you do find an easier solution, let us know! :)

ROC Tor Admin

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 1:58 PM, Chris Palmer <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Tom Arnold writes:

> I have a linux WLAN router ( DD-WRT ) with 125 Mhz, 4 mb flash and 16 mb
> RAM ( 3 mb free ). Is that enough to run Tor?  ( I didnt find any recent
> ipk packages .. so i guess it is not worth it otherwise people would do it
> ... ) Would a 32 mb device with 200 mhz do the trick? Or what about the
> NSLU2 or the Linkstation. Or is a used laptop the best choice?

Those are all likely to be insufficient. A used laptop could work, or you
could take a look at sites like http://mini-itx.com/ for small systems.

Personally I am running Tor on an old server, 2x500Mhz PII's with a cable modem (e.g., keeping ~1350 connections open at once). While I have quite a bit of RAM and hard drive space Tor doesn't take up much of either, and the computing power is more than enough. If you want me to run some benchmark's I'd be more than happy to.