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Aleksei, yet another GSOC student, says Hello World


My name is Aleksei and I'm a second year maths & cs student at
University if Tartu in Estonia.

Following in footsteps of Sebastian and others, I greet the Tor
community as a fellow developer for the summer.
My project will be concerned with the infamous exit node scanner,
further reading:

During the application process, we had a discussion of the scanner
stuff on #tor, which added some valuable
ideas to my TODO list: so if you also have any thoughts on the topic
or the specific bulletpoints mentioned in the abstract, let #tor know.
By the way, I will eventually start writing code and reporting the
progress as the objectives set in the abstract get covered : it's best
you introduce
your ideas before I've already implemented the part in question. ;)

Also just wanted to say congratulations to all you (six of you?)
colleagues - students. I'm sure we'll have a great experience making
Tor better together :)